My memories begin early with Auntie Karen, their home in Toronto that was always so amazing to me. From the beautiful art on the insisde, to the pool and tree we would climb in the backyard, my memories are filled with happiness and love! Auntie Karen’s hugs, and kind, gentle words will stay with me forever. Her lipstick kiss on the rear view mirror in their mini van is something I always remembered and think of, to this day I love leaving little stickers or notes in my car or my husbands, just to show some love, that someone was thinking of them, a reminder, like that lipstick kiss on the rear view mirror. I love visiting their house in Vancouver and seeing the post it notes of words in different languages, and admiring her artwork all over. I am so fortunate to have her art all over my house, including the piece she took right off her own wall for me to take home. My absolute favourite. Auntie Karen will be missed deeply by so many. Her purple hair, beautiful jewelry and accessories, her kind words of encouragement, so much stands out about what an incredible, elegant woman she was. Sending my love to everyone in Vancouver. Xox Jessica Thompson (Whately) This picture of Karen and Thomas was taken by Debra at my wedding. Their smiles show so much love and happiness and how everyone who came around Karen felt at ease, and loved. So very thankful for having such a very special woman as my Auntie xox