I have so many fond memories of my Auntie Karen and though we lived far apart, we were fortunate to have many visits. There was always joy and warmth when she was around. I always felt her love. She was kind and generous and always made us feel special. Whether it was her kind laugh or special mail (her beautiful writing always the giveaway), she always made me feel happy and loved. My memories of the Dawes house in Toronto are vivid sights, sounds, and smells. The beautiful art, the sound of the delicate vine gates to the living room, and the comforting smell of their home. I loved exploring their house as a small child. We were always excited for the Dawes family visits. I remember laughter, eating, stories, and being at ease. The visits were never long enough. I am especially grateful for my time with Karen and Andy in Montreal. At first as a university student who was treated to delicious meals and amazing concerts Andy was adjudicating. When Karen and Andy moved to Montreal for a year, I had just moved away, but thankfully, I was able to visit. This time as a newly expectant mom and Karen gave our little Lola Bean her first presents. Everyone who met Karen could not help but be delighted by her. Her colourful and elegant manner, her infectious laughter, her kind eyes and words. She made everyone feel special. I will cherish our moments together. Karen, you will be so missed.